Tommy Weir


I'm a photographer who is lucky enough to live in the North West of Ireland having grown up in Dublin and worked for many years in New York. The landscape where I live is rich in personal and social history. The relationship with the land is complex here, not only for artists but for anyone who ventures across it.

Over the course of my career I've worked my way through various creative media, from visual arts through publishing and design, theatre and film, to software and back again. I've had various roles in that journey, from curator through creative producer to artist, working on both sides of the Atlantic.

Other than photography, I produce feature films at our company, Janey Pictures where I partner with my wife, Marian Quinn. We have a focus on drama for the international market.

I lecture on photography and film in the Yeats Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture at IT Sligo.
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Photograph: Monika Maroszova